Onkyovizion filmed a promo clip for Cut Chemist and the Neutral Nation festival in Japan on November 15. Check it out!

Turn On The Sunlight’s new album “New Day” is out on vinyl. We just shot this interview of them…
Turn On The Sunlightのニューアルバム “New Day” が、アナログ盤でリリースされました♩こちらL.A.から、撮りたてほやほやの映像をお届けします。L.A.の空気感みたいなものも、一緒にお届けできていたら嬉しいです:D

ONKYOVIZION made music and a video entitled “Eye Light” for the “Light From Los Angeles” project, in collaboration with Dublab and Harinezumi. When we were editing the interview footage for this project, the big earthquake on 3.11.11 happened in Japan. A lot of memories come up when we look at this video. We made this video before we became raw foodists, so are lot more chubbier than we are now :) A lot of great artists from LA are participating on this project, so please check it out!
私達、”ONKYOVIZION”も “Eye Light”という作品で参加させていただきました、”Light from Los Angeles” 。Dublab&Superheadzのハリネズミ・カメラによるコラボレーション・プロジェクトです。ちょうど、私達の作品のインタビュー映像の編集を手掛けている真っ最中は、3.11でした。この時を振り返ると、様々な想いが蘇ります。。映像を観ていただくと判るように、Raw Foodistになる前の2人なので、ちょっとおでぶさんです(笑)LA在住の、素晴らしいアーティストが多数参加していますので、どうぞ楽しんでご笑覧下さい。http://superheadz.com/dublab/

We made a video and music as Onkyovizion for the “Light From Los Angeles” project by Dublab and Harinezumi! Please come to the release party at Cinefamily on Feb 5…
私達はOnkyovizionとして、DublabとHarinezumiの『Light From Los Angeles』に映像作品と曲を提供しました。2月5日のCinefamilyで開催されるリリース・パーティーに是非きてください。※ちなみに、この目は私の目でございます:)


この『夜空のクリスタル』という詩は、モニュメント・バレーで出会ったナバホのカルロス・モーズが亡くなって、9ヶ月前に自然と涌き上がって出来上がったものです。この­ビデオで使っているアートワークは、まるで点描画のように小さな穴を紙にあけて『カルロスの小宇宙』を表現した絵です。カルロスが生前に奏でたフルートの上に、私達が日本­語と英語で詩の朗読をしていますが、曲の最後にはカルロスのストーリーテリングも入っています。他にも、”Peaceful Navajo Warrior”と”Rain God Mesa”という曲では、彼の生き生きとした姿やモニュメント・バレーの絶景を映像&写真を使いトリビュートとしてまとめました。そして最後に。。この詩は、私達から最初­で最後にあなたに捧げる詩です。See you in your next life Carlos:) Arigato!

We met Carlos Mose in 2011, and after he passed, I was inspired to write the poem “Crystals In The Night Sky” about 9 months ago. The words came very naturally. The artwork seen in this video was created by punching tiny holes into paper, and I wanted to express Carlos’ spirit in the cosmos. We recorded this song using Carlos’ flute playing, and our reading of the poem in Japanese and English. We also made the songs “Peaceful Navajo Warrior” and “Rain God Mesa” as a tribute to him, and videos using footage we filmed of him. This is our last poem that we dedicate to Carlos Mose, and we offer it in utmost respect to his family and friends.

"Crystals In The Night Sky"

Nothing has changed in this sacred land

The towering red rocks stand majestically

Wild horses drink quietly from the stream

The hawk spreads its wings and flies in circles in the sky

All of this is you
Everywhere I look I see you

Your magnificent voice echoes in the cave

The sound of the flute reaches the heavens

The intense drum beat reverberates in our hearts

The blistering sun shines relentlessly

The light creates a prism of seven colors

Clouds of sand dance in the desert

The blessed rain moistens the earth

An enormous rainbow expands across the sky

The boundless desert is covered in snow

The warmth of the fire in the mother hogan

 Your soothing voice when you tell stories

The intense dances

All of this is you
Everywhere I look I see you

The turquoise colored sky

The burning red sunset
reflects off of the petroglyphs

At a loss for words we sigh and gaze at the beauty

The infinite stars scattered in the night sky

They shine like crystals

The shooting star carries our wishes

A coyote is howling again somewhere tonight

You are  deeply  etched  into our memory
The pride of the navajo

You’ve become a crystal in the night sky
And you shine on us for eternity

All you ask of us is to live a life of beauty…


何一つ変わらない 偉大なる聖地
野生の馬達が静かに 小川の水を飲む
鷹は翼を広げ  空中にサークルを描く
それはあなた  あなたそのものだから

穴の開いた 洞窟の中で
それはあなた あなたそのものだから

灼熱の太陽が どこまでも照らしつける
恵みの雨が大地を濡らし 大輪の虹が広がる
それはあなた  あなたそのものだから

壮大な砂漠に 雪がすべてを覆い隠す
それはあなた あなたそのものだから

ターコイズのような青空  燃えるような赤い夕焼け
それはあなた あなたそのものだから
無限に散りばめられた 夜空の星星
まるでクリスタルのように きらきら輝く
流星になって願いよ 届け
今夜もまた どこかでコヨーテが鳴いている
それはあなた  あなたそのものだから

あなたという ナバホの誇り

Directed by: Onkyovizion http://www.facebook.com/Onkyovizion?ref=digest_email
Flute and storytelling by Carlos Mosehttp://www.facebook.com/carlos.mosehttp://www.facebook.com/pages/Suneye/124568187702856

Carlos Mose worked as a guide at the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, and was also an accomplished artist, musician and photographer. I also take photos for a living, but he had very insightful tips on how to take photos of the sunrise in the expanse of nature. I remember him telling me warmly, “you have a great eye.” It is almost a year since he has passed, and we were wondering what we could do as a tribute. We shared a love of nature, photography, and music with Carlos, and we felt guided to create music and video using the photographs we took at Monument Valley in November 2011, as well as use his powerful chanting and beating of the sacred buffalo drum. Listening back to his music numerous times, we can hear the voice of spirit, and Carlos’ soul. We humbly offer this piece in utmost respect. Ahe’hee!

Edit the video for “Peaceful Navajo Warrior”, a tribute to Carlos Mose…もうじき1周忌を迎えるCarlos Moseとご親族、友人、知人に捧げる為の映像&音楽を編集中です。

It is almost a year since Carlos Mose has passed, and we were inspired to create this music and video as a tribute to him, his family, and friends. We edited and arranged his music, chanting, and footage that we shot to create this. We were only able to spend a little time with him, but what he taught us will stay with us forever. If you miss him, please listen to his magnificent voice, and look at the beautiful scenery here. We are sure you will feel his presence. Have a wonderful day! 

"Light from LA" vinyl arrived today! We (Onkyovizion) are participating as well as Carlos Nino & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Yuk & Teebs, Suzanne Kraft, Farmer Dave, ESP, Dntel, Julia Holter & Nite Jewel,The Long Lost and more… Beautiful design by Jesselisa Moretti, and all the music is awesome. Thanks dublab, powershovel, and creative commons.
『Light from LA』のアナログが届きました。私達Onkyovizionも参加しています。これからリリースされるので、この素晴らしい音楽とデザインを楽しみにしていてください:)